Doug Baker

Chief Growth & Strategy Officer

As a member of leadership teams and advisory boards, Doug has helped dozens of private companies achieve significant revenue, profit, and valuation growth. With a history of having direct responsibility for generating new revenue and managing operations, he is outcomes driven while also embracing patience when developing new and transformational initiatives that create enterprise sustainability. Focusing on the competitive arena, he drives differentiation in areas of specialty expertise, relationships, and innovation to enhance value. Adhering to the principle that secrecy is the enemy of trust, he builds open and transparent environments. Disciplined to “run-the-numbers”, he seeks to confirm reliable and stable profit/cash flow performance before making commitments and views balance sheet resiliency as paramount. He is sophisticated when it comes to assessment of structured risk and mitigation techniques and has found that proper planning, strategic positioning, succession, and high profit growth for private companies allows them to largely control their destiny and become/remain sustainable.

He is a local community leader volunteering with a variety of organizations including regional economic development initiatives focused on entrepreneurialism.

Since 1994, Doug has been closely involved with hundreds of entrepreneurial companies – in both industry and academic settings – and has learned that success is the product of inviting, embracing, and enduring the discomfort brought by change and that effective leaders provide talented and motivated people what they need and then get out of their way so they can do great things.